Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Home Jerome.

This is the sight we arrived home to at the crack of dawn this morning. Very sweet indeed. It is great to be back, although I have yet to see the kids - it's now nearly 11am and they are still asleep. I have to say I've missed them like an amputated limb. We arrived home, I unpacked and then collapsed on my bed for a few hours sleep.

Not all is 100% (come on this is Israel and our house after all). The house looks like a barrel of monkeys jury rigged a computer network while blindfolded. The Lavazza espresso machine is not working at all. The Bodum coffee filter (the espresso alternative) was not cleaned after its last use and contained the dried, congealed remains of what looks like the makings of bush tea. And I haven't dared to even approach the down-down stairs. All in all, It's good to be home.


יובל דרורי said...

Welcome back!

blackpetero said...

Oh and the dishwasher is not working either.