Friday, December 10, 2010

Bucks County, PA

Our flight from Tel Aviv to Newark was uneventful. Bwo slept and I watched movies. About 5 or so, along with some napping in between. Todd was waiting at Newark to meet us, very nice considering the plane came in at 4:50am meaning he had to get up around 3am. We drove off to their house in Bucks County, PA about an hour from Newark.

What a place. No words can describe this. Its a beautiful house, excellently laid out with lots of wood and an unbelievably high ceiling. The house is near the Delaware River near a quaint little town (more on this tomorrow). We have the bottom floor to ourselves. The upper floor has the kitchen and their bedroom suite and there is a sort of open attic TV room way at the top. Everything is perfect (the bed is very comfortable, indeed bwo is fast asleep). We went into the little town for breakfast and then Suzanne and I took Gomez for a walk along the mule path on the bank of the canal next to their house. We then sat around the fire in the living room and spoke amongst ourselves.

I am loving this place. It is quiet, with perfect comfort. Couldn't hope for a better and more relaxing start to the trip. Thanks T+S.

The pictures will do it no justice as I only have my iPhone camera. My new camera will be waiting for me in Houston (hopefully).

This is the sun rise in the distance. The view is out of the kitchen window.
This is their side porch and deck. You can't really see the slope of the mountain to the right, but it is quite steep.

I didn't mention that it's cold. Yep that's the canal frozen over. How nice is that floating piece of ice, it is actually standing a meter or so in the air although it's hard to tell from the picture. This was take while on our walk before I froze solid.
Gomez laying by the fire. Both Suzanne and Todd claim to want to come back as him in a future life. Gomez has it made.
This is the view from near the fireplace. Check out the high ceiling and the upper TV room. It's a lovely place and the people who live here aren't bad at all. I told Todd and Suzanne I'm moving in.

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