Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dessert Game

We went out for dinner with myoung last night. He demonstrated a Dessert picking game that seems quite successful. You each quietly pick two desserts without telling each other. Once you have decided, you point out your choices (to an unbiased observer - that would typically be the dessert avoiding me). If you have two overlaps, you have to order both, if you have one then that's the choice. If there are no overlaps, I'm afraid there's no dessert for you. I'm not completely clear how you would scale the game fairly for parties of more than two or three, but it seems like a good way to decide how to end one's meal.

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Jozie said...

MYoungs frozen poo story was hilarious, but I do think that the "Chocolate Box" dessert may have been the wrong choice. (The "Split Personality Sorbet" would have been better)