Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time To Go

The taxi will arrive in 10 minutes to take us to the airport. We are off to the US for a while. I'll miss the kids, but not the cats. Why is it that blackwifeo has stilled not closed her cases. This is a most dangerous time, where she starts stuffing last minute things into her bags. She seems to feel that once the case is closed there is no going back. The kids and the house should be fine, there is a list of instructions and telephone numbers a mile long. The money has been given out, hopefully blackdaughtero does not spend it all tomorrow. We only have three cases with us, a forth will be acquired while in the US. They say it's cold there, we'll find out soon enough.

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Rob said...

Good luck, there peeps. I laughed at the bag closing comment...Suz and Jo are so alike there. Suz always stays up all night (literally, i.e. zero sleep) packing and re-packing.