Monday, December 13, 2010


I got to visit the google campus today. It is interesting to wander around the buildings that I spent so much time in when I worked for SGI. They have changed completely. Google must have four times as many people on the campus than there were in the heyday of SGI, still the buildings look the same. There are free Odwalla fridges filled with fresh juice everywhere. The building that I met my contact in, bld. 44, has a host of pinball and videogame machines in a nice common area. There are people everywhere and yet, the Silicon Valley rumor mill says Google is losing people to Facebook etc at a rapid pace. There are even those that claim they are yesterday's news. Certainly walking around the campus I didn't get that feeling, and I had plenty time to experience what a company going down feels like. It was even in the same buildings.

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Rob said...

Stunning, isn't it? I remember a few years back when there was some promo regarding the Googleplex and when I looked at the pictures, I thought "wait, that's building 40!". A bit of research confirmed they were promoting a graveyard ;).