Monday, March 29, 2010

Erev Pesach

It's Monday and therefor time for the Raanana Weekly Photo. It is also Erev Pesach and we have been up cooking since early this morning. I just had my lunch of bwo's perfect vegetarian chicken soup and matzo balls (with a surprise inside, we call them meatza balls) - yummm.

Over the main street (Ahuza), our mayor and council put up a festive banner to wish us all a "Kosher and Happy Passover".

Back in the old days, they used to burn the Hometz (leaven stuff - bread etc.) right outside our house. But in the 10 years we have been here our area has become most built up and now takes itself seriously so there are no fires on our street.
The city set up some serious bins to burn the left over Hometz in the center of town. This is in the corner of the Hamashbir parking lot (not that there has been a Hamashbir there for years). You can see the burnt bread rolls and pitot on the ground.

Hag Sameach everyone. Pesach is about freedom.


Andrew Bowen said...

Chag Pesach Seme'ach v'Kasher from Austin, Texas!!!

blackpetero said...

Thanks Andrew and a Chag Sameach to you and yours, it has been a while since Pesach in the Bay Area. Be well and love to all.