Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Job

Blackwifeo has a job. Yes, it's true. She needs to be at the kitchens at 5am in the morning and cook till 2pm (she got home after 5pm on her first day). She is making food for film crews. She cooks breakfast, then they drive the hot food over to the set, feed the staving crew, drive back to the kitchen (Hod HaSharon), make lunch, drive over to the set, feed the once again starving crew, drive back to the kitchen, clean up and come home. Sounds exhausting to me. Well, I wish her good luck and many happy meals. And after all that she still cooked us dinner tonight. We are blessed.


oliviao said...

Lucky crew! Her food is always delicious!

Ari said...

Brilliant Josie, good luck