Friday, March 26, 2010

Chrained Out

The 2010 Ostrin Chrain is done. 60 Smaller jars, 4 tupperwares and 2 mustard jars is what 10 killos of horseradish produced. Many, many tears. It tastes good - especially on humus in a pita. Here is the process, minus the fumes.
First we grate the roots in the magimix, it's a two step process as the chopper on its own is not fine enough. We had two huge bowls of grated horseradish.
This is Jo's protective gear. I just go for it and cry a whole lot.
A particularly noxious wave just hit. At time the I could not see through the tears. My eyes are still burning three hours later.
This is the production line. The second processing is going on, the grated root is in the blue green bowl and the chopped product, mixed with vinegar and salt (and a touch of sugar, but that's a secret) is in the other two bowls waiting to be bottled.
Jo decided to use some of the dregs to experiment. This is her beetroot surprise. She also made a creamy mustard horseradish sauce - it tastes excellent.
The bottling is done as is the labeling. Now all that is left is the delivery. Come and get it.


mart said...

I am honoured to have received 1 of the 60.

Damned good stuff. And yes, that humus combo is killer man. Who would have thought?

Chag Sameach to all.
And Happy Birthday BWO.

Anonymous said...

And who cleaned up all the mess?

Happy Bday Jo.
Happy pesach to all,

Greta said...

That was me............

greta sistererio said...

That was me..............Greta

stasgu said...

Thanks for the chrain Peter, it was a great success at my family's "Seder" - cleaned out in minutes.
Hag Sameach!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter! :-) even the kids loved it!

my wife recommends not to sniff it though (old habit she has - sniffing white things that comes in small boxes..)