Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Town

My girl, blackdaughtero, appeared in the school play last night. They put on a production of "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. I had never heard of the play before, it's a simple story about life in a small New Hampshire town. The simple scenery and relatively few characters made it a perfect school production. The kids did an awesome job. Most of the school productions are what I call "events only a parent could like", but this was different. The play itself is thought provoking. With a "stop and smell the roses and appreciate the simple things in life" message. The production was spot on, quite emotional and moving. I thought the two mothers in the play were acted as well as I have seen amateurs perform, and the guy who played George did an excellent job of being a simple small town boy. Balent, despite a rather thick Hungarian accent, managed the huge task of being stage director with a relaxed and comfortable manner. Of course, bdo was excellent, even though she had a few minor parts. Well done, guys, be proud of your work.

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Jozie said...

will see it tonight. can't wait. Even though she is playing a corpse. Should be interesting.