Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Can Call Me Steve

It happened again yesterday.  I was introduced to someone - he was clearly told my name. In the next sentence he called me "Steve". If this was an isolated incident I would understand, but it happens all the time here in Israel. Someone is told my name and they immediately turn around and call me "Steve". For a while I thought this was just something that happened to all Anglos. Perhaps they call all of us Steve, sort of a collective name. But on further research it has been established that I alone suffer from the occasional "Steveing". Perhaps I look like a Steve and it is never any other name, always Steve. Then I realized, my last name, it is similar to "Austin". So perhaps they make the connection with Steve Austin - that's it, I'm actually the Six Million Dollar Man (or in Hebrew - "Steve Austin, The Man Who Was Worth Millions.

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Anonymous said...

It is because you wear black, like a well known Steve