Friday, September 9, 2011

The Russians Are Coming

Yesterday squint central was rewired.  Our old network was ripped from the walls and roofs and replaced with brand spanking new high performance wiring. The work started at 3pm with the arrival of the "wiring team". 15 Russians.  Nikita Khrushchev would have been proud.  They marched in and started working.  Climbing ladders, swinging cables, all the time talking loudly in Russian.  There were big ones, small ones, but not one word of any language except Russian was spoken between the crew.  The crew boss, a fast walking, Russian-Israeli packing the obligatory cell phone, on which he constantly shouted in Russian, and carrying a nice brown man-bag, controlled the crew like the conductor of the Moscow Symphony.  Just watching them work was entertaining.

No question, the best Aliya this country has ever seen.  I could not help posting this most Russian of clips.  I just love the waving girls. I swear the guy singing was the one sticking labels on the cat5 cables yesterday. Makes me want to go out and eat herring washed down with vodka.

1 comment:

mart said...

I agree, that that was one of the most succesfull Aliyas.

But CAT5 cable????? Johney, la genta esta muy loca!!!!!