Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Saga (in Polish)

And who said that the Germans were more than 80%? Our plane into Munich arrived exactly on time, which required a stressed and very hurried rush through immigration and then through security in order not to miss our connection to Gdansk. After storming the whole length of the Munich terminal we arrived at our gate (G02), only to find our flight had been delayed 20 mins.

We boarded the buses for the drive out to the small commuter plane for the hop to Gdansk (1hr15m), only to be kept waiting for a further 20mins in the sweaty bus (it was raining outside) while they fueled the plane.  We boarded the plane and waited.  The flight crew looked quite harassed and once we were all strapped in the captain gave a very long explanation in German and a much shorter one in English.  Seems there was one passenger too much on the flight. Big problem.  No one volunteered to leave the flight. So they checked boarding passes (20 mins). Everyone's boarding pass was good (10 minute explanation in German, 3 minutes in English).  They now needed to check each person's name against the passenger manifest. They started got half way and then for some reason started again (45 minutes). The captain (very tall chap for such a small plane) handed out glasses of water to calm frayed nerves. Lucky there were only about 100 passengers or else we would still be counting and recounting. They eventually found the problem - two people with the exact same name (there were many Asians on the flight). After another long explanation in German, and an apology for Lufthansa's ineptitude in this day and age of computers, we were finally off. What? No flight can have two people with the same name?

We arrive in Gdansk (Lech Walensa Airport). A airport that looks like it has not changed much since the days of communism. It is now quite late (11pm) and the place is asleep.  We wait for all the luggage to come out (20mins) when lo and behold, my case arrives but Shirley's and Jacky's are no where to be seen.  Off to the lost and found we go.  Another 30mins and out comes rather miffed Jacky and Shirley with forms and little overnight courtesy bags (toothpaste etc). They promise to deliver the bags to the hotel by noon the next day. Lovely!

We get to our hotel after driving through much road work.  Spend a further 30mins checking in with the rather slow night watchman. My room does have the very best shower though.  I think I'll go have another. I'm too old for all of this.

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