Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Moan

Took me one hour 27 minutes to get to work this morning.  Walking takes one and a quarter hours.  I had to first go to the post office to pick up my new passport (the old one had expired and I am off to Poland for work on Sunday) so I could only leave Raanana around 8:05am. My five minutes in the Post Office was an experience in its own right, but I will save the whole post office numbering issue before the doors open for another time. Needless to say I have further proof my fellow Raananians are not the sharpest when it comes to paper numbers.

It appears there was a "suspicious object" at Glilot Junction and this cause a monster back up. This sort of thing brings out the worst in my brother and sister citizens.  There was not an intersection that was not jammed full of cars causing deadlock.  Every single street between Raanana and Herzliya was packed full of cars in every direction and no one was moving. I had to spend the time listening to the depressing talk radio news shows as my mp3 ran out of batteries (and the rubbish Chevy Cruise's cigarette lighter socket does charge - horrible car). The worst thing is that this (champagne colored) car is possessed. It moans when you stop and start. It's as if there is a sad spirit (perhaps of a decent car) trapped in the boot crying to get out.  I am not sure where the sound comes from, but every time you start moving forward or brake to a stop, the car moans.  It is all most distressing. Especially for an hour and a half in non-moving traffic.

Now you know why I get up at 5am normally and drive to work in peace and quiet.

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