Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm on my third temporary car, since I handed in my squintified Honda Insight (black), and while waiting for my squintelified Toyota Prius (black).  The first temporary car was a stinky (cigarettes) Hyundai i30 that had no working aux input and was loose (like a sad overused prostitute), then came the dreadful Chevy Cruze that smelled like a brothel, moaned when stationary, and had a wind-up rubber band instead of an engine. Now I get to drive a Volkswagen Jetta (Don't mention the war!!!) that has no Aux input or bluetooth (pronounced "bluetooosss" locally). Those Germans make nice cars.  It is tight. It feels like every nut and bolt has been tightened to perfection.  Only things that are supposed to move do.  It marches instead of drives and has no sense of humor. It's a understated serious white color.

It wants to listen to the BBC, no music or even lighthearted podcasts for Dieter the Jetta.

We flew to (and from) Poland on Lufthansa and their safety video had a picture of the consummate German woman in a flight attendants uniform with shiney white teeth and very Aryan features.  I looked for a picture of her on YouTube, but all I could find was the video below, which is entertaining in its own right.  This is what should play when one is seated in Dieter the Jetta.

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