Friday, September 30, 2011

Moan, moan, moan

The New Year is over. The big meal with the usual suspects has happened and all that is left are a lot of plates and pots to put back in the cupboard.  I must admit that I enjoy these big festive meals less and less as the years go on.  I miss my family, who are mostly all together in Houston.  I am tired of these huge meat based meals, with enough food to feed an army and the family friends who "only drink single-malt". I don't know what the solution is and I would probably miss the whole spiel if we were to cancel in future. But I find it tiring. This long weekend has put me in a bad mood, because no one seems to care when the kitchen is a mess and the dishwasher full and the fridge empty. Oh and we have all or friends coming over tomorrow, but its a pot luck and hopefully they will bring food (I am sure it will be meat). They are usually great about helping to clean up after, though.

Just ignore me.  I am miserable because I had a migraine today and it won't go away. It's my blog and I will be a misery if I want!

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