Sunday, September 4, 2011


While cleaning up the down-down stairs yesterday I came upon this photo of Stephanie, my first car (named after my big brother's first car). She was a 1978 Ford Escort 1100cc. That car went forever. She did over 200,000 hard kilometers.  Went down to Sharm three times, Nuweba and Dahab at least half a dozen times. She was the sole transportation of the record store and did the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem run at least once a week.  You really needed to know how to drive to get up those hills - If you were really skilled you could do it all without going below 3rd, but it was tough.  Her engine was rebuilt twice, the steering wheel once came off in my hands as I was motoring down Herzog in Jerusalem.  She had three different stereo systems stolen out of her in her lifetime, and shlepped a mobile disco sound system around Jerusalem for at least 3 years. There were countless nights where we sat in her, listening to music and speaking till morning. No a/c (unheard of in those days) and no power steering, she had a heart of gold.

That's Rehov Shwartz she's parked on in the picture.  Just outside the Fed flats.  Check out how there are no buildings on that side of the road except for the nursery school.  That was 30 years ago - unbelievable.

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Rob said...

This is really funny to me, because I had three (count them, three!) ford escorts when I was in Uni...two of them died on the same "hill" between Newcastle and Sydney, leaving me with a tightening of the gut even today when I drive up that hill ;).

I'll see if I can dig up a pic of one of my escorts. Suzanne wondered why I kept sticking with the escort given that I had so much trouble with them - the answer should be obvious: I had plenty of spare parts!