Saturday, April 9, 2011

A weekend day

I had a good day today.  Bwo went off to help a friend and do some doula-ing (she is still not home), so I was left to myself.  Larry, Matan and I went off to Wingate and watched Israel beat Austria in Rugby.  It was a good game and Stas, one of our squints, plays scrum half for Israel. He scored the first try.  Israel won 20-11.  I then stopped in at Brian + Irit for a while to say hi and give some support to Dasi who lives on one of those Kibbutzim that surround Gaza.  Thankfully she is visiting the center of the country and so avoiding all the shelling and rocket fire that they have been subjected to this weekend.  I don't know how people can live under that kind of pressure.  I then came home, made meatballs (veggie) and pasta, chili It is not really all that edible, but the kids were hungry and so they did not complain too much.  Bwo will have to fix it up tomorrow.  That's it another weekend bites the dust and it's back to work tomorrow.  It flew by so quickly.

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