Wednesday, April 13, 2011

80% Horseradish

As noted last week we went through our yearly horseradish (chrain) production cycle. I have been performing a semi scientific study of the strength of the chrain over the last 10 days. It seems that we still haven't cracked the secret of keeping the stuff at maximum strength.  It definitely seems to decline linearly in strength over time. This is very sad.  It was blazingly hot and scorched the sinuses a week back.  Now it is still slightly hot, but nowhere near as dangerous.  This is very sad.  We have spent a considerable time on research but it appears that we are missing something. We tried using more water than vinegar while blending this year as it has been noted that vinegar reduces strength, but this has not helped the sustainability. I think the only solution is to make it the day before, but that leaves little time for distribution.

I bet the grandfather from Lithuania knew the secret. We will not give up and continue to experiment.

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