Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chrain 2011

We made our Chrain on Tuesday. It is strong this year. Get your orders in early if you are interested. We went with smaller bottles (Gerber size) and we managed to fill 115. I cried for the sins of the Jews, for the pain of building the pyramids (they were built by aliens anyway), I cried for the sore feet after 40 years in the desert.  I cried. The horseradish was so strong that my hand started burning half way through.  The only problem I see is that seeing as we made it quite early this year, it will lose some strength before the Seder. I tested it on the squints yesterday, and Yaron said it was the strongest he has ever tasted. I hope Ostrin Chrain 2011 is a vintage to remember.  Here are some pictures:
An "artistic" bwo picture of the bottles, the peels and the peeler, which actually worked well. You can see the raw material in the bowl of icy water in the sink.
If you could only see my eyes. They were blood read and the tears were flowing. Using the icing bag was a stroke of genius. The real Pesach miracle was that bwo knew where to find the bags in the storeroom. Chrain making music: Tommy and Quadraphenia by the Who, Lamb lies down on Broadway by Geneis (concept albums people, we called them rock operas when we were young and unpretentious).


Sagi. said...
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Sagi. said...

מצויין !!!!

תוכל לשמור לי 2 צנצנות בבקשה ??


oliviao said...

AO refused this year!!You will have to ship us some of yours!!

greta said...

Very sad that there is no Houston Ostrin Chrain this year!
Chag Samech to all!