Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walk it off

I am sick and tired of this old, fat and lazy body of mine. So I took myself walking the last few days. I am sore all over. It is incredible how quickly you get out of shape when you hit the big 5 oh. I used have no trouble with the hour and half walk to work a few times a week.  But since I have become a lazy slob who only cares about feeding my face, I struggle to walk for half an hour.  All this must stop, so I dragged myself through the fields around Raanana yesterday and today.  Now it hurts to sit and laying in bed is agony.  The goal: Walk three times a week at least. For at least an hour each time. Don't listen to myself when I tell myself I have no time. Don't listen to myself when I tell myself that I could just eat a little something and sit back and read. I'm a well known liar to myself, and can spend hours creating all sorts of rubbish excuses why I should just laze out. It will stop!!


oliviao said...

Ditto, ditto ditto!!

gerry and greta art camp adventures said...

The world is noticing. Below is an article that appeared in the HOUSTON JEWISH HERALD VOICE

Ra’anana synagogue attack condemned
Published• Thu, Apr 21, 2011
JERUSALEM (JTA) – The World Union for Progressive Judaism condemned an attack on a Reform synagogue in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana. The attack on April 14 is the third time the Ra’anana synagogue has been vandalized in the last year. Six of the synagogue’s windows were smashed in by large rocks, and a black Star of David was spray-painted on the wall above the words “It has begun.”
Ra’anana Mayor Nahum Hofree condemned what he called the “bullying,” saying the attack “does not characterize Ra’anana’s people. This is a city of tolerance and exemplary coexistence.”
City officials and the Reform umbrella group both indicated that the vandalism pointed to Jewish religious extremists, although police said they had no suspects.
In a statement released April 15, the World Union said that it “condemns all violence that is motivated by hatred and religious extremism. As we approach the season of Jewish freedom, we call on all government and NGO agencies to show their abhorrence of these wanton, senseless acts; we are confident that government leaders will take the lead in this condemnation, and we call on Orthodox leaders throughout Israel also to show their disgust at this destructive intra-Jewish hatred.” — JTA