Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Housemaid

For the longest time we had Haaretz newspaper delivered to the house. Eventually we had to cancel as the old uncollected copies were piling up and one needed spikes and crampons to climb the mountain of rotting newsprint blocking our door. I don't really miss the daily news as the internetz provides enough details to keep me happy, but I sorely miss Sayed Kashua's weekend column.

Occasionally, Haaretz does us the favor of printing a copy of the column on their website.  He manages to capture the irony of living in Israel as an Israeli Arab with a cynicism and tongue in cheek humor that is completely atypical in this country. I really like it. And don't forget this is translated.  Here, read today's column.

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Skiman said...

Oh my hat -- that is hilarious!