Monday, April 18, 2011

The Haggadah Story

The Haggadot are lost. She admitted to me that they are really lost, then quickly changed her mind to say that they are actually "misplaced". I asked her a week or so back about the Pesach Haggadot, seeing as we are having around 30 people for the seder. She blew me off, with her well practiced, "leave me alone, if you care so much about it, YOU deal with it" look. Well, the chicken soup (vegetarian) and mazto balls is made, the potato kugel looks good, the long table is set but there are no Haggadot. She put them away last year, somewhere, now no one knows where.

The whole Haggadah thing has a lot of history. One year, around when we first arrived back, the wife decided we needed to use a feminist, environmentalist Haggadah (God, whoever he or she may be). Her family did not like that at all. Although the time she decided we needed to use a pro-Palestinian, left wing Haggadah caused more strife. It nearly caused a major rift with her far right leaning father. The last few years we have been using Haggadot she bought over the internet (you get the rights to print off a certain number). They were quite alright. Each family member had their own named copy and some were even decorated with colored markers (a sure way to keep the kids from being bored during the reading). But these sadly have disappeared just like Pharaoh's soldiers, swallowed up by the Red Sea. What can you do, we will have to pass the only remaining Haggadah (The Elie Wiesel, We made it through the Holocaust, Haggadah) from person to person. Just like they did during the 40 years in the desert.

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greta said...

Well, here in Houston we had kindergarden haggadas printed from the computer because of the grandchildren. The babies played and yelled and we were stuck with this bad 4 page 'Rabbi Gamliel'or 'Rabbi Hose'. But it was good to be together! As they say "Jews must suffer!"