Saturday, April 16, 2011

RIP Mazda/Baby

The white cat died today. We have no idea why.  I saw him this morning laying on his favorite Auntie Netta footstool by the window and he seemed perfectly healthy. Then while we were at Barry's for a BBQ the boy called to say he was lying dead on the lounge floor. We hurried home and there he was.  Luckily Oren was around and he plopped him into a hefty bag and I washed the floor. He must have had a heart attack or something as there were no physical signs of problems.  He was not old, only about 5 years or so and seemed to be strong and healthy. Funny how things can be perfectly alive one minute and not the next. We are all quite sad.  We can't even find a picture of him, but if we do, I'll post it. He was a good cat.


greta said...

Do you know that 2 weeks ago John and I had to put my cat Ziggy down. She had cancer that suddenly took over. So sad!

blackpetero said...

Sorry to hear about Ziggy. She was a good cat. It is weird how the cats make us crazy and often we would love to be rid of them, but when one dies, we miss them terribly. The baby seemed very strong and healthy, I wonder what happened to him.