Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Tale of Three Backpacks.

These three bags seem to reflect my life at the moment. I use all three (no, not at the same time). I call them bags but they are all three backpacks. I believe in the backpack and abhor the briefcase or roller thingymabob.

The one in the middle is my "work bag". It's a Swiss Army backpack that I bought years back and have used to travel all over the world. It fits my 17" macbook comfortably and I have all the pockets and compartments organized so I can find things quickly. It has been my primary bag for years, it's comfortable to carry on my bag even when heavy, and it's often very heavy.

On the left is my "school bag". It's the bag I take to the university. It has way to many straps and niknacks, but my brother gave it to me so the price was right. It fits all my school books, files, bible, pencil case etc. It is not that well made and the zippers are already giving problems, but then it doesn't need to be.

On the right is my "archaeology bag". This is the bag I take with me on Saturday mornings and the bag that I used during digs at Megiddo. It holds my trowel, gloves, compass, tape measure, notebook, flashlight etc. It is rather beaten-up from laying around in the dirt and being shlepped up mountains. I'm fond if it.

All three backpacks have headache pills in the front compartment. I know what's important.

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mart said...

I can just picture you rushing off early on a Saturday AM and grabbing the wrong backpack. Shoveling dirt with that Mac aint no fun.
Or getting to work Sunday morning and trying to get that damn chroot system working armed only with a trowel.

The headache pills are a must. I have a bottle in every bag, every nook and cranny, every cubby hole etc.