Monday, November 15, 2010

Deep Sigh

I have really tried to keep away from politics on the blog lately. It just makes me upset when I need to think of all the wasted opportunity and greed. But every now and again a story works me up and I need to say something. You know, I really can't stand Limor Livnat (the picture above says it all). She's now the "Culture and Sports Minister" after ruining education. There are these actors who refuse to perform in the theater in Ariel, over the Green Line in the West Bank. I can see where these actors are coming from, and I can see how rightists would claim that the government should not give these people any funding. It's what you would expect from uncultured fascists. Livnat has now jumped on the bandwagon and decided that she would force all state-funded cultural institutions to sign a commitment to perform all over Israel as a condition for continued funding. More irritating than this even is her plan to grant a special annual award aimed at encouraging "Zionist art". Is there no end to the narrow-minded, popularist measures these people will take to stay in power. Sigh.

What is really annoying is that all these measures are forcing me to accept the fact that we don't really live in a democracy. Man, I've tried to ignore the signs for years, but they just won't let me.

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