Sunday, November 28, 2010

Down-down Stairs

Since I started studying, the guitar building has been pretty much put on hold. I used to go down-down stairs into the shop for a few hours now and then to do a little work on the current project (a dreadnaught for eddie), but then the boy moved his drumset down there. The boy (bless him) is the single most untidy human being in the world. He doesn't even see mess, let alone understand order. Since his drumset, and therefore "the band" settled down there, it breaks my heart just to look at my shop. So I stated avoiding going down at all costs. Things just got worse and worse. Of course, any free space, or surfaces that are not piled high in this house become prime targets for junk dispersal, and what could be better than a place out of sight and out of mind. So my shop became another junk storage area. Clearly I haven't been shouting about this enough and the fear of putting things in my shop has apparently worn off. Well, today I had enough and I got stuck in. I have been sorting and chucking. I already have a huge hefty bag full of junk, and this is just the beginning.

This job will take weeks, but I'm not going to give up. Perhaps one of these days I can actually finish the guitars down there.

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