Monday, November 8, 2010

Buddha Burger

We celebrated the girl's birthday by going out to dinner tonight. True, it's a few days late, but she didn't mind. We decided to shrug off the usual birthday meal at zozobra and to try the new "Buddha Burger" restaurant in Raanana. It seems Buddha Burger is a Tel Aviv institution - a vegan restaurant that's been around awhile. Well, they just opened a branch in Raanana - it's called Shibolet, and appears to be a franchise of Buddha Burger.

We were pretty much the only people there so I'm not sure just how long they will stay alive. The food wasn't bad. The "classic" burger tasted like the veggie burger they used to make at Burger King in the UK many years back. A little beany for my liking. But the sides were good and the kids liked their food. The boy was very happy with his vegan shwarma. No fries though - too unhealthy it seems.

One must support the vegetarian alternatives where possible.

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Jozie said...

I totally agree. Next time I will order the seitan in coconut curry.