Saturday, November 13, 2010

Khribat Za'aq

Today we went down to Beer Sheva (again) to collect some of the boy's stuff from dorms. On the way after stopping at the services on Hwy 6 for coffee and borekas we stopped at Hurvat Za'aq (Or Khirbet Za'aq) so I could say we did some archaeology.

I could not find a whole lot about Khirbet Za'aq except that it seems it was an extension of the large settlement at Tel Halif which we visited a while back. It turned out to be a most interesting place. According to the little bit I could find, it seems it Za'aq was occupied between the 2nd and 5th CE (Late Roman and Byzantine period). The are tons of caves and cisterns dug into the ground. The signs around say these had something to do with the Bar Kochba rebellion, but some of the other, more official looking data, seems to claim they are Iron/Bronze age burial tombs.

It's a wonderful place to go visit and if you are interested in exploring caves and crawling around ruins, this place is perfect. It's not that easy to get to - its at New Israeli Grid Coordinates 187468/591488. Basically exit Highway 40 at the Dvira turnoff (road 3255) and follow the signs for the Za,aq Ruin once you have gone a few kilometers. It really is well worth a visit.

Yip there are all sorts of caves, and ruins and stuff.

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