Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clueless and Keyless

I have a problem with the Prius.  In general it's a nice car. Quiet and comfortable. The problem lies in the newfangled keyless ignition. You see, I keep on losing the keys now that they don't have to go into a keyhole. This morning I had to rush over to the university for a meeting.  I got there, hit the kill button on the car and got out.  I felt in my pocket for the keys and hmm, they were no where to be found.  I searched my pockets, looked in my bag, still no key. I tried the power switch and the car powered on, this meant that the key was close. I was going crazy. When I walked away from the car, it beeped angrily as if to tell me the keys are somewhere in the car, stupid. So I searched and search. Finally I found them, they had slipped under the seat, under the metal struts and almost impossible to reach or see. I was late for my meeting (but no one noticed, they all arrived after me).

This is not good. We (bwo and I) have even left the car running a few times. It's so quiet that it is not hard to just get out and leave the guy running. It beeps but not loudly enough. Sometimes modern technology is just too progressive.

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Jozie said...

I agree with you totally. It's just WRONG. As it was, the On/Park button took some getting used to. But now, no key at all, it's just wrong.
I am driving blackbrotherinlaws older bright red Prius (that still has the weird key thing) while I am here in Houston, and its a pleasure.