Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Things

I know you will think I have gone crazy and soon will be worshiping crystals and believing in tarot cards (I won't go there). Partially as a result of listening to some self-helpish audiobooks and partially as a result of all the "leadership" work I have had to do at work, I have started a new strategy.  Each night before bed I write 3 positive things that happened during the day on my little pad. Note, I said positive, not good.  A blackpetero does not dive into 3 good things without a lot of practice.

It actually has been harder than I could have predicted. Once you count things like the positive salad at lunch and bwo coming home from her trip, I struggle. But, like blogging, what this practice has taught me is to keep an eye open for the positive.  Writing the blog I need to be mentally aware all day long and think about what I will write (and you thought these trivial rantings just came to me with no effort, shame on you). Now in addition I need to keep a look out for positive things during the day. Theoretically this helps one adapt a more positive attitude. Apparently as you take note of the positive things that happen, you are supposed to notice that many more than three really positive things happen to you in a day. Well, it seems I have a lot of practice to put it. I sometimes struggle to find more than one.

p.s. Actually I have been in quite a good state of mind recently, so maybe it's actually working.


Anonymous said...

soon you'll stop wearing black

Greta said...

1. In order to have a more fulfilled life we should smile 50 times a day.

2. Please do tell about this life changing no carb diet- how do you get protein? Do you eat fruit which has a lot of carbs? Inquiring minds want to know

blackpetero said...

I as yet have not stopped wearing black. I did get a very nice, very dark green (could be black in certain light) pair of shorts.

1. Smiling 50 times a day is a little extreme.
2. I don't eat much fruit. Lots and lots of veggies. And tofu and nuts and chickpeas and stuff like that.