Sunday, May 13, 2012


I meant to post as I usually do, while sitting waiting at the gate for the flight. In truth, I was just so tired this morning after getting up at 1am for the taxi ride to the airport. So now I'm here in Amsterdam, sitting in my hotel room overlooking a green industrial park, waiting for my posse to get here. It should not be long now.

You know how some flights are just crap. No particular reason. It wasn't that long (4.5hrs), it was full, but then all flights are, there was no screaming babies or vomiting children. I did have an obnoxious religious guy behind me who was only worried that a "female" would sit next to him. The South Korean girl who sat next to me was sweet - she was very worried because she was due to meet someone on the plane and he did not show up. Her English was only slightly better than my Korean, so there was a lot of hand gestures and smiles. Still the fight seemed never ending. The seats on KLM are just plain uncomfortable. I don't fly KLM very often, and I'm happy about that. For some reason the angle of their seats just does not work for my back. I suffered the whole flight and could not find a comfortable position. All I (and everyone else on the plane) wanted to do was to get a few hours sleep, but I just drifted in and out of oblivion awakened each time I got so uncomfortable I needed to move (or the obnoxious guy behind me kicked the back of my seat).

But I'm here now and looking at an intense few days of "leadership". Let the games begin.

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