Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am struggling to find time to blog. I thought it would be much easier once I was in the US, but alas, it's not to be.  I have been busy. Yesterday I went to the Maker's Fair with my Albany family (blackedwino and brood).  It was most interesting. The crowd is sort of a cross between those at a Linux open source kernel conference, the teaming masses at a water park and visitors to a renaissance fair. Lots to look at. It was completely packed, lines everywhere and no way to move without being touched by hundreds of your closest friends. It's definitely an event for those with younger children, although, as only in America, there are many people who have spent fortunes on making all sorts of strange and useless contraptions. From space-age bondage contraptions, to real life R2D2s, full size electric giraffes, massive fire blowing structures including every conceivable type of controller, motor and servo.

By the time we got back after the long drive to San Mateo, the wait for the bus from the parking lot, the wait for the bus back to the parking lot and the long drive back home I was exhausted. Running after the 4 kids is not for the faint at heart either. Still it was a worthwhile experience, so thanks for the ticket edo.

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