Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fish Food

I well and truly have not had time to blog. As usual travelling is intense, draining and difficult for a introvert like me. Finally, I have an evening to myself before driving down to San Francisco tomorrow morning to fly to Houston.  It is so good to have some time alone, I think I will dine at the Thai place and have some spring rolls in a while, but in the mean time here is a California story.

I checked into the hotel on Sunday after spending the weekend with the nephew and his family in the East Bay (and Maker's fair).  Dusty checked me in.  I have stayed in this hotel a number of times and sort of know my way around.  I asked for a corner room (I have been trained by bwo) and luckily they had one available. It's large and spacious and has the most comfortable bed.  Dusty is a bubbly California type. A little too enthusiastic. He gave me my complimentary waters and some Crystal Light flavoring to sweeten my life.  Then he asked me if I wanted a fish. A fish? Yip he pointed to the four goldfish bowls, each with a name plate (Willy, Julio are the two names I remember). He explained that a goldfish provides company for the lonely traveler. It comes complete with fish food and a tinted bowl.

I graciously refused, clearly I'm a loner. Gotta love California!

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