Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I hate Lag BaOmer

Each year my hatred for Lag BaOmer, the festival where Israel burns everything it can, grows more intense. What a stupid holiday. As if we don't have enough problems with kids stabbing each other, we now encourage pyromania. This poor desert country, rich in rocks and stones is poor in trees and wood, so once a year we just burn the little we have. All this is bad but I have realized what really bothers me about this holiday. It's the noise. Why is it that Israeli kids cant talk to each other, they can only scream.

The empty field next to the house is filled with various bonfires. Not only are these kids screaming, but I can hear kids that must be three blocks away. I thought of going down and politely asking them to cut the noise down a spot, but the last guy who did that got stabbed, so the cats, bwo and I will just hide in our room and try get used to the smell of Israel burning.

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Jozie said...

It quietened down around 4;30 AM. I know, cause thats when I fell asleep.
Actually there much fewer bangs and explosions this year. But drunken singing of the teens went on and on. The kindergartens did their bonfires early on when it was still light, so that was good.