Friday, April 27, 2012

De Dum De Dum Dedudum

I'm missing my bwo! I have spent a lot of time with friends the last few days, what with the Yom Haatzmaut open house, and the Omsky traditional afternoon yesterday. I was at Megiddo with some of the area supervisors preparing for the season this morning, then we are off the goldsmitho's for a birthday dinner tonight, another lunch afternoon with the hevreh tomorrow and then to a farewell party for Dave tomorrow night. Not bad for a antisocial being. 

Still it's not the same without my love. I give her a hard time when she is around, but I miss her terribly when she is gone.  It is like a piece of me has been ripped off. Just knowing she is upstairs is usually enough to quiet my heart.

It has been good to have the few days off and have both kids around.  We have actually spent some time talking the last few days.  The girl and I had a two hour chat last night. She is something else. Oh to be 18 again and to know it all.  Our boy has been happily helping around the house, he even went shopping, and actually went out to spend some time with friends last night.  Life is good, the sun is out, just my love is away.

Bwo just emailed to say she is off to Costco - this is probably bad news for the joint bank account.


oliviao said...

We're having fun with her, so thanks for sharing!

Jozie said...

awww, am verklempt. and miss you loads.