Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blogging Mojo

I think I may be getting my blogging mojo back.  It has been a while since I felt like I had anything to say (particularly on the blog).  I have been heads down getting things done and what with family, work and archaeology (in that order), I have not had the desire to do any blogging.  But, this last extended weekend (we had half Thursday off, which came as a delicious surprise) was very productive and I realized I have been missing my daily musing (probably much more than both of you, my loyal readers). So, what's been up!

My mom's operation seems to have gone off OK.  The daily updates from my wonderful brother, sister and sister-in-law keep us informed.  She seems to be recovering well.  We spent a tense Friday evening waiting for news. Bwo is off to help her in a few days.  The house will be empty what with the girl in the army and bwo in H-town.

The girl seems to have the army down at the moment.  We had a few teary calls two weeks back, but that was mostly related to lack of sleep and allergy medication.  She was home this weekend, or at least she visited us in between galavanting around with friends.  She really seems to be doing great.  She claims her biggest advantage is that she can sleep anywhere and at any time, and is unafraid of strange toilets (hmm, I wonder where that comes from).

The boy seems to have spent the last few weeks while on vacation from college holed up in his room.  We hear the strains of online communication and warfare seeping under the door.  Who knows what goes on there, perhaps he is single handedly taking on the Iranian threat. He surfaces for food (he appears to be eating once a day - 4 eggs at a time) with a dazed look.  One of the little strays, an orange girl kitten has adopted him and decided he is it. So we are treated to the sound of Lola vs. Kitten having it off quite often.

Bwo is getting ready for her trip (at least judging by the paypal and amazon charges).  I am not sure how her jumpers will cope with her gone for two weeks, but like the rest of us they will just have to manage.  She is going through an intense cat hating stage and walks around the house spitting and hissing. It's not really helping though.  We have been overrun.

I have been on diet to put it mildly.  After my last blood test and visit to the doctor where I was told that if my triglycerides got any higher they would have to glue an extra piece of paper to test results, I decided to take myself in hand.  No carbs at all.  So no bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc. Kind of hard for a vegetarian, but I am managing.  I eat more salad than your average rabbit.  I am feeling good though.

Lots of work and archaeology filling my time. As the summer season and the digs draw closer I am getting all my work together.  I have been writing code, which I have enjoyed immensely as well as learning to use a lot of different equipment and applications. My real work has been challenging, and I am due for another trip in May to Amsterdam and California. I am slowly finding my place in this huge corporation.

Enough rambling.  I will be better about blogging now I that I see my blogging mojo is visiting again.