Sunday, April 22, 2012

The 80% ultrasound

Hmmm (a new blogger interface - I'm not yet passing judgement). So today I went to get an ultrasound.  No, I'm not heavy with child.  The doc was not too happy with my last test results and wanted me to get my insides checked. I dutifully drank the 2 liters of water an hour before my test as instructed and not a morsel of food passed my mouth for 18 hours. Needless to say I was kept waiting a half hour beyond my appointment time, with no apology or acknowledgement from the ultrasound technician. By this time I was definitely crossing and uncrossing my legs to keep my bladder full. She handled the test quite competently, let me rush off to the toilet and told me that I will continue to live, but that she was not a doctor and I would have to go to him to get the results.

I had just barely got back to work when I got an urgent message to call her immediately.  Of course, I thought the worst and all sorts of horrid scenarios flashed through my over active brain chock full of hypochondria. So I call her up. She asked "It seems you are missing a gall bladder, is this something you know about?" My relief was audible as I explained that I had it out 12 years back (after just this kind of post test call at work from an ultrasound  technician in Sunnyvale).

Strange that she should have missed it during the test don't you think?  A little 80%

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Jozie said...

uhm, just a tad. But that she thought you may not know this fact is hilarious.
Miss you.