Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gate C6

Once again here I am sitting near gate C6 at Ben Gurion Airport, waiting to fly.  This time at least it's with bwo, although her lovely company does not come cheap.  We already needed to drop some serious cash at the duty free (one needs to constantly keep updating one's potions and lotions), and we haven't even left the country yet.  We're off to Frankfurt (shortest connection ever at 50 mins, let's see if it actually is possible), then San Fran and then the drive to Sacramento.

We spent a wonderful weekend with the hevra (20 of us) at a tzimmer in Goren, which is in spitting distance of Lebanon.  I had a good time, surprising seeing as we all were staying on one giant section of the hotel complex.  It is very green and beautiful up north at this time of the year and my early morning walk into the adjoining nature reserve recharged my batteries.

I should have more time to post once we are on the road.

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