Monday, February 6, 2012

Day One in Folsom

We're now in California.  The trip was long and very tiring but we made our 50 minute connection in Frankfurt quite easily as did our luggage, luckily.  It took an hour and a half for our cases to appear on the carousel. It seems the San Francisco customs department decided to check each and every case to look for contraband fruit and veg. We were clean and soon thereafter were on our way in our GPS enabled rental Prius.

We stopped off at nephew Eddie's in Albany to say hi to Eddie, Lisa and the kids, who are most cute. Then drove all the way to Folsom. I was very tired by that point but was invigorated by the clean California air.  I also managed to watch some of the Superbowl while at E's and caught the last few minutes at the hotel.  Looked like it was a great game and as usual the commercials were pretty cool.

Now it's work, work, work for the next few days. The afternoons are the hardest, once you're over the 2-4pm hump the rest of the jet lagged day is not too bad. The dining room at work has pretty decent Indian food, so I can't complain about too much about the food. In the evening there is always Chipotle.

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