Monday, February 27, 2012


It seems, that of all things 80% in this country the army is probably a leader. My (not-so) little girl was readying herself for her conscription next Sunday. We have been through the shouting and the tears (I quote  "My life is almost over. First the army, then university, then marriage and children and that's it" -  no drama at all!). Still we were more or less prepared mentally.

Then she was awaken by a call on her cell (at 2:30pm). It was the army.  They have postponed her call up until March 22nd. Why? No one knows. She called them back to see if she could find out more info and the chap ("the idiot" she called him) she spoke to said that her date is on Sunday as before. Now she really doesn't know what's up.  Lovely.

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