Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Again

It was much harder than usual to return home.  I missed the kids and looked forward to seeing them, but the usual post vacation depression set in when I heard the first Hebrew shout of "Baruch, tkneh li sandwitch" in Newark airport. The return home to everyday life was made all the harder by the wonderful time we had in New York with Todd and Suzanne.  They were as generous and welcoming as ever.  We laughed a lot and saw the sights, ate very good food and just hung out in their wonderful home and their excellent company.  We were treated like royalty. We got to go to an excellent play "Death of a Salesman" with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Willy.  It was well, Wow!  Every time I visit New York I always feel we left too soon and are missing something vitally important. We had a great time.

I am not ready to go back to work in the morning.  I have 500+ email messages and all sorts of loose ends to tie up.  It is raining and miserable here today, and usually I like this kind of weather, but it is colder than America in this room and what with the jet lag and end of trip blues, I'm not really overjoyed to be in this cat-smelling, drafty, damp house.

On the flight home we had an annoying Russian family with three loud, ADD brats sitting in front of us, one of which vomited for the last hour of the flight and kept it up all the way into the airport building.  Our whole section of the plane's barf bags were mobilized to stem the flood.  My back is broken from shlepping the four huge (23kilo, at the limit) bags (at a total of $105 in extra bag fees). Bwo's family have already been over to get their presents and to check that we are really home and not planning on absconding to the US with the family jewels. Our kids are great and besides the upside down tent on the patio (a victim of the weekend storm) and the smell of cat, the house is in reasonable shape.  I just hope I can sleep tonight.

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