Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is always the hard part of the trip.  The time with my family in Houston is running out.  Tomorrow we will take our absolutely laden cases (we came to the US with two and leave with four) to the airport and fly off to NYC.  So today will be a mad rush of returning bwo's extra purchases to the stores, packing, saying goodbye and someone said something about BBQ for dinner (not my vegetarian favorite).

I rarely admit to myself just how much I miss my family. It is great to see them and once again be the youngest son, of little expectation and unconditional acceptance.  We were treated to a visit by Gary, Sara and the Dallas kids and so now we have met all our nieces and nephews. My mom seems to be doing well even though social security added a year to her age.

Here are some quick highlights of the trip so far, Jo holding Jerry's hand on takeoff and landing from Sacramento to Houston (he was an old guy who had a bad experience on his last flight 34 years back), Chipotles, Ava's "and who are you?", visiting our cupboard (there was less Ebay stuff than I expected, thanks bwo), the wonderful up-upstairs shower, never knowing whose Diet Coke is whose at sisteraria's house, Vietnamese sandwiches at Les Givrals (not as good as last time), houses with carpeted floors, a new (extra) suitcase, Arnie's excellent coffee and almond essence flavored biscotti.

I am a lucky boy to have family like this and I shall miss just sitting around and chatting with them when I'm back home/

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oliviao said...

I already miss you guys!Love you...