Monday, January 30, 2012


It's a rainy stormy night out there. Quite cold too.  I like this kind of weather as it makes me want to sit here in the warmth of my office at home and do some work.  My dad had this theory that the cold weather led people to be more productive and hence the superiority of the northern climate based people.  While it's a nice theory it's not really born out by history (or archaeology) at all.  Humanity started out in hot Africa and many early civilizations were based in the temperate Levant.  Not to mention those based around the Mediterranean sea. The cold weather gave us raping and pillaging Vikings. Still, unlike many others in this country, I like the dark wet world around us today, I appreciate the cozy warmth and shelter inside. I don't even mind working on my dissertation in this weather.

Anyway, in a very short while it will get too bloody hot again.

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