Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lane Hogs

Where is DLM when you need him.  I have been noticing an increasingly annoying phenomenon lately. The whole driving with two of your wheels in the next lane thing.  So most of your car is in one lane, but you leave the option of switching lanes open by driving with just your two (usually left) wheels in the next lane. OK people, the rule is simple. One car, one lane.  If you want to change lanes, indicate, and then move into the other lane (when it is clear, of course). You may not reserve the right to change lanes should the traffic in your lane slow down by staking a claim to some of the real estate in the adjacent lane. What do you think this is? The West Bank?

I thought we had stamped out this problematic behavior a number of years back. But like bad disco music (Won't you take me to, Funky Town) it seems to be back. DLM please help.

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