Saturday, October 8, 2011

Away Again

I had a restful day after my fast yesterday. My stomach is feeling none too good, but that could also have a lot to do with the upcoming trip to the West Coast in the next few hours.  I don't like traveling. I don't mind being there, in fact, I really like it. It's the getting there that I find so unpleasant. All that touching of other people and the being cramped in a metal tube.  It seems one of our legs (Frankfurt to San Fran) we will be flying in a new Airbus 380.  I saw one of these giants when we stopped in Frankfurt on our way back from Gdansk. Absolutely huge. My seat is in row 78 or something.  And it has two stories. All it probably means is more people squashed together into smaller seats placed so close together that their seat backs are in your teeth.

I will update you all from Northern California.

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