Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Folsom Points

Some stand out points regarding Folsom California:

  • The conference rooms are freezing. I am sitting here in three layers (T shirt, shirt, sweater) and I am still cold.  I never get cold.
  • It is dark until around 7am. I walked from the hotel to work at 6:30am and it was pitch dark all the way.
  • They could use a few more colors in this building and why did they block off half the windows.
  • It rained yesterday and I am so far from the outside (in any direction) that I only found out at lunchtime.
  • The shower, while nice, is no where as good at the one in Poland.
  • Chipotles still rules.
  • There are lots and lots and lots of cubes (they all look the same).
  • If you don't come to work before 8am you may as well park at the hotel.
  • Bagels are still the best breakfast food in the world.
  • The coffee in America needs a lot of work before it comes even close to 80%
  • Almost every meal has rice.
  • It was freezing in the conference rooms.  Really freezing.
More to come soon.

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SB said...

Each time a co-worker comes to the US from Israel, they bring me a 200g bag of Elite Turkish coffee (mud) and a few packs of Airwaves Menthol & Anis gum. I drink the Turkish coffee at the office.
I have a Williams-Sonoma next to where I live and am able to buy Levazza and Illy for my espresso machine at home :-)

Over the past 2 months, I have been spending my time between Cleveland and Puerto Rico; one week in Cleveland, one week in Puerto Rico. I have brought back a kilo of Puerto Rican coffee. Good stuff.