Friday, October 7, 2011


Some say I'm a little strange for fasting today. I think it makes perfect sense. I am flying out to the US tomorrow night (Sat night, post Yom Kippur). Usually once I break my fast, I don't feel all that good and my stomach and head seem to revolt. It's not the fast itself that is so bad, it's how I feel afterwards. So I decided to fast a day early. Fasting for me is not about the religion or atonement (not that I don't have sins to atone for), but rather about spending one day a year being grateful that I typically have a full stomach and no end of liquids to drink. So moving the fast one day forward is no big deal. I started my fast last night, with a wonderful pre-fast dinner (veggie meat loaf, broccoli pie, rice and cold cold water). I will break my fast this evening when most Jews are starting theirs. I will enjoy the car free day tomorrow, instead for spending it indoors as I usually do.

So far it's going well, thanks for asking.

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