Saturday, October 15, 2011

53 Minutes

53 minutes from the time the plane's wheels touch the ground at Ben Gurion to walking in the front door to be greeted by my beautiful wife. A record.  This includes getting my checked luggage. That was the best thing about the flight from Toronto to TA.  Let me just mention - 4 year old kid, tired parents, sleeping draped over poor bpo in the next seat.  My right arm is bruised from his head butts while sleeping. I definitely lost the continual battle to keep him in his own seat.

It is always wonderful to get home. The trip was productive and worthwhile, but travel sure takes it out of one.  I scored a direct hit with the Benefit potions and lotions I bought for my ladies.  (The Benefit sales lady was so good - she completely won me over when she asked if one gift is for my wife and one for a "young lady friend".  She claimed she was shocked to learn I had an 18 year old daughter. Excellence in salesmanship).

I have now watched every B movie out there, including a host of Canadian and German second rate films. I am sick of airplane food.  I need salad.

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