Sunday, May 29, 2011

U-Turns, DLM, U-Turns.

Hey, Driver License Man (DLM) you appear to be slipping up on the job. There are far too many tossers who feel they need to drive right into your lane before making a U-turn at a traffic light.

This morning I happened to have to drive to work around 9am instead of the usually quiet 6am. I got to witness someone taking such a wide run up to their U-Turn at the traffic light at Abba Eban/HaSadnaot here in Herzliya that they actually brushed the car in the next lane. This happened to the car right in front of me. Of course, the asshat in the U-Turning car drove off, while the poor fool in the scraped vehicle was stuck having to turn into Hasadnaot. He stopped in the middle of the road to examine the damage causing a huge hold up, much swearing and gnashing of teeth, while the perpetrator of this dastardly deed drove off into the sunset.

This DLM, is unfair. Driver's licenses need to be revoked. Punishment is deserved and should be meted out swiftly and painfully.


oliviao said...

7 lashes with a wet noodle...

Jozie said...

I Agree. Tossers the lot of them. Did no one get his license plate #?

Georg said...

Hi over there,

Very funny story especially as I don't really understand. What about posting a little drawing showing what you are meaning with this U-turn.

Asshat: great definition: living since 98 in the country side, I always think danger comes from a guy who drives with a hat on. Is that your meaning?

As to OLIVIAO, I suggest a dry- noodle-knut for both the man and his car. Equality, egality.