Monday, May 23, 2011

Going's On

That's it. I just put the finishing touches on my last essay for my MA, now all that is left is a thesis (I have more than six months for this). This essay in Critical Approaches to the Archaeological Heritage is probably the worst piece of work I have done so far. Even though I enjoyed the course and found it extremely thought provoking, I really struggled to get it done. I found a thesis adviser who is into GIS and archaeological visualization which is good because it looks like I'm going to do something about archaeological workflow and collecting 3D data on-site. It's an important topic and I've given myself the task of getting it all together before the next Megiddo expedition in 2012. So while I won't have class I will have plenty to keep me busy. I'm quite sad that it will probably be more work in front of a computer screen.

On the home front we have been living with the cutest kitten in the world in our bedroom.  She is truly a joyful little thing and relatively well behaved, although right now she is going a bit bossies and alternating between balancing on bwo's laptop screen like a tightrope walker and attacking everything in sight (especially her tail).  She will go to a good home soon (I hope). We all love her and can sit and watch her antics for hours, but we have enough cats, and one doesn't just get rid of the old to bring in the new - right blackwifeo.

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greta said...

Ag shame man, you cant just GRO a little kitty- what's wrong with one more???
Remember your first cat Menachem/ Maggie? Another stray who was a constant joy...